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Welcome to Sanity Savers' Sane World

In a sane world you wouldn't worry about late payments because your bills are being paid on time.
In a sane world you wouldn't worry about clutter in your home because there would be a place for everything and everything would be in place.
In a sane world you wouldn't worry about your pets when you are stuck late at work, on vacation, or dealing with an emergency because you'd have a pet sitter on call.
In a sane world you wouldn't forget an item on your grocery list or neglect to return an item to the store in time because you'd have someone to run those errands for you.

In a sane world you'd be relaxed. You'd have time for you. You'd have time for your hobbies. In a sane world you'd enjoy your life.

Call Sanity Savers at 757-575-4232 and start living in a sane world.

About Sanity Savers:

Welcome to Sanity Savers where we'd like to help you live in a sane world. My name is Jennifer and I started this company when I found that many people were too busy to juggle everything. I step in and help them find sanity in their insane world. Please take a moment to click on some of the links above for additional information on the services I provide. Thank you.

About Jennifer, Owner:

As a Dog Walker & Pet Sitter:
As a mother of four two-legged children and various furry four-legged, feathered and aquatic children, I know what its like to want to have the best care set up while on vacation or away at work. I keep this in mind during the care of ALL of the furry, finned, feathered and scaly children in my care. I am bonded, insured and licensed through the City of Virginia Beach in order to provide these services to your family. I am also Pet CPR & First Aid Certified. A text message is sent out during each visit so you know that I am there - and I've even been known to send pictures, if requested, of us during my visit.

As an Organizer:
I know what its like to live in chaos. I've been in the trenches too.  My goal as an Organizer is not to have you in my schedule weekly for the rest of the year but to help you during the season that feels the most overwhelming and help you achieve your goal of a peaceful home. At first I will schedule you either weekly or during a block of time during the week and eventually we can work down to a "once a month" maintenance plan. Whether its time or belongings, I can help you go through what is holding you back from being the best that you can be in your home or business.

As an Errand Runner & Mobile Notary Service Provider and "Assistant":
I know what its like when you feel like your time is not your own. Let me be your hands and feet, and assist you. I can help through running errands - either grocery shopping for the forgotten milk, or returning an item to the store before it becomes a store credit. I can wait for the utility worker in your home so you don't have to take time off from work to wait for them. I can spend my time doing what you don't have time to do so you can do the stuff that you want or need to do.

Personally, I go by Jenn. Apart from owning and working my Sanity Savers business, I am a mother of four beautiful children. My daughters (and I, most often) are involved in Girl Scouts, the Junior Volunteer Program at the SPCA, and Bible Study groups in my local church which we attend every Sunday.

About Jocelyn, Part-time Assistant:

Jocelyn provides early morning care to our clients on vacation as well as mid-day walks on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Sundays until noon. 

About Alyssa, Part-time Assistant:

Alyssa is my daughter and currently a High School student. She assists me with care after school hours and during breaks. She has been an active Junior Volunteer at the Virginia Beach SPCA off Holland Road for two years. She has been a Girl Scout for six years and has achieved Senior level this year. She also attends our local church Youth Bible Study weekly. She is licensed through the company and is Pet CPR & First Aid Certified.

At the SPCA she has gained experience within the Small Animal Room, Kennel and Cattery - where she is found most often. She has also assisted me in the care of chickens and turkeys at a small family farm in the Pungo section of Virginia Beach. 

She will be getting her drivers license this year, but for now is providing care in the Redwing Subdivision. She may also assist from time to time through providing overnight care in your home.

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